Well, This Is It!

Exams are over, the summer is upon us, and, curiously, little ‘Lillian’ has decided to get a blog!

But who is she? And why is she here?

Well, Lillian doesn’t really know who she is. Most of the time she’s breaking up fights between the creative and the rational, or procrastinating when she ought to be attending to all the million-and-one necessities demanded by the busy life of a teenager who…well, let’s just say she likes to spread her energies.

And she is here because, no matter how she’d love to spend the next two and a half months locked away in a dark room pouring her heart into words, and making herself disagreeable to anyone who disturbs her, she won’t get very far by hoarding her writing to herself.

So here she is. With the purpose of sharing with [whoever deigns to be] her audience all the silly little wildernesses of her mind, Lillian hopes to show [a small part of] the world that she is not afraid to speak her mind!

But, uh…don’t expect this to be a blog merely about writing. Because, contrary to, perhaps, her dream, that isn’t quite the be-all and end-all of Lillian’s existence.


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