Did We Invent Emotion?

Did we invent emotion to complement intellect? When men began to grow clever, to use the materials around them to their advantage, did they feel as we do now? Is it preposterous to suggest that they didn’t? Or impossible to imply they had cunning without sentiment? Or did they just get on with everyday life, living and learning?…did they ever feel something was wanting?

Or was emotion there all along, present but unrecognised, like God to those who value nature, the creation, but see no creator? Was it society who took passion and severed its vibe, who classified the shards and named things that ought not to have been named? Was it intellect who took feeling and rationalised it, so no feeling creature can now understand how it has come to this…?

An anarchy of emotion, where each is mistaken for another, where all is the same, unchecked and unrestrained, in abundance, numinous, incredible, intangible… We took it and made it our own, betrayed it and left it for dead. But it will never let us go.

Animals have basic emotions, but none or little of our science. We felt before we thought to invent. Depend upon it, feeling came first, if ever it ‘came’ at all.

Ooh, cats chasing one another up trees. There may be plenty more to say, but, well… Forget philosophy for now.


2 thoughts on “Did We Invent Emotion?

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