God is Maths!

1 + 1 = 2


Prove it.

What does true matter consist of? What is the real component of matter?


Prove it.

And don’t get microscopic on me, because who’s to say the stuff you can see under a microscope is really what’s there? You rely on your sensory experience. But how can you be assured of anything, anything except the contents of your own mind at the present moment? Maybe you just popped into existence a few seconds ago, complete with memories, knowledge and theories.

Surely I couldn’t dream all this up myself, you say.

Well, prove you didn’t. And don’t try using your senses to do that. That would be working upon the very assumption you’re attempting to prove. Total nonsense!

Atoms, again. It’s logical, you say.

Logical, eh? And tell me exactly why the things you observe correspond to your own ideas of theoretical explanations for those very observations.

1 + 1 = 2

I won’t ask you to prove it. Numbers are abstract. And if you held up one finger on one hand and one on the other, and counted two, I’d ask you how you knew your fingers existed, how you knew you were holding up two of them.

1 + 1 = 2

Everyone in their sane mind agrees. Not because they see it, but because it’s the assumption they must make in order to believe in every mathematical process in ‘existence’. Maths is there. You can’t prove it, but it doesn’t go away. It always has been, and always will be.

We say 1 + 1 = 2, and if we didn’t, everything we’d built upon that one assumption would fall through.

God is an axiom, should you choose to believe it.

I am a mathematician. I build my future on earth upon 1 + 1 = 2, and my future in Heaven upon my belief in God.

6 thoughts on “God is Maths!

    • If God is everywhere and in everything (depending on what you believe), then is not everything good an expression of the mind of God? (Though I feel I’m falling somewhat into a trap of language here.)
      I hasten to say I’m not making statements about such things – only sharing a splurge of ideas. Yet I wouldn’t say atoms were ‘essentially empty space’, and even if they were, are you implying empty space IS the reality, whatever you choose to make of it? Yes, one’s own perception of reality is a matter of opinion (though even that, I feel, isn’t strong enough a word). But perhaps there is an Ultimate Universal Reality that does not rely upon sensory or scientific data – not proved or disproved, but fixed for us all.
      And now I’m sounding like Plato. Oh, dear. (Not that I’m qualified to make judgements in any arena.)
      But anyway, thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s got me thinking 🙂

      • Yes, good is an expression of the mind of God, but so is everything else… everything. I mentioned atoms and empty space because quantum physics has shown that reality is not what you think. They would say that a so-called solid object, like a desk, is simply a collection of atoms which are 99.9% empty space. So how do we perceive it as being solid? Well, for starters it’s a sensory experience. Take seeing, for example. We see in 2D and the neural stimuli goes via the optic nerve to the brain where we “see” the desk. That area of the brain is extremely small and has no light whatsoever. So how is it that we see at all? Since we “see” in the brain, is the desk physically outside of us or just a holographic image in the brain? Chew on that for a while.

      • Yet that remaining 0.01% of matter does implicate ‘existence’, if we believe in science. We have adapted to acknowledge only the ‘stuff’. The false impression of ‘solidity’ is just a lingual misjudgement before science gave us ‘understanding’, though since it affects our mental perception, I suppose it’s a valid argument nevertheless.
        This is exactly the question I’m asking when I say ‘how can you be assured of anything except the contents of your own mind at the present moment?’ If we can be assured of that…(!)
        I’m chewing! I’m chewing! And I must touch up my knowledge of quantum physics.

      • How can you even be assured of the contents of your mind? What is mind anyway? Better yet, where is it? By the way, sleep studies show that people turn over in their sleep many times each night yet they almost never fall out of bed. Why not? Is there a mind/body connection?

      • Bearing in mind they’re not physical ‘contents’, I hope I can be assured that my mind is thinking about what it is thinking about at this one moment. Where is a different question to what, though if my thoughts aren’t empirical things, then there’s no reason why my mind should be… So you’re correct I ought not claim surety.
        If our body can’t perform any action without the prompt of our mind, then there’s certainly a link, whether the body exists or not – for if it doesn’t, then nor does the action. Must that rule out the mind, too?
        Aagh! You’re brilliant at getting one to think 😛

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