The Liebster Award

(Right, two of these to do…)

The silver lining INFJ (that tagline makes me smile every time I see it) has nominated me for the Liebster Award, because she’s just that lovely and awesome. This award, as far as I can gather, aims to bring together and promote new bloggers and blogs. Long live it!Liebsteraward

I know, it’s been three and a half months (gosh, that long?!), and I’m sorry for it. But I’m still here, and I still mean it. Probably even more than I would’ve done three and a half months ago.

But just you run over and check out her posts, observations of the world in its true light, laying bare the inconsistency of society and its failure to simultaneously support we diverse and wonderful individuals. But in every post she gives us a message: love, and be loved, accept, and be accepted. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve heard it, she says it again more powerfully than ever. Visit Her Locket for healthy self-reflection, self-development, and give an INFJ the appreciation she deserves.

Thank you, dear, for the nomination.

Now I answer Her Locket’s 10 questions:

What do you love the most about yourself?

A difficult beginning! I’ve no doubt my answer would change from day to day, but at this particular moment I’m glad I do not feel compelled to retaliate when someone else says something that genuinely scalds my sensitivity. Perhaps it goes against my moral values to believe something but not to act upon it for what I perceive as others’ good—yet in retrospect, it does nobody good to get in an argument about which the arguers feel so strongly. Deadlock; nobody wins. Turning the other cheek is a verse very close to my heart (Matthew 5:38-42). Oh, it depends what it is. But today, I’m thankful.

Are you a spiritual person and how do you express this in your life?

Well, I’m a Roman Catholic, and I always have been. I’ve seen miracles and felt the Holy Spirit, dealt with my atheist dad’s snide taunts. My mother used to think I was slightly psychic, the inherent Biblical truths I came out with (having had no access to such teachings). I never went to Sunday school, and didn’t even start going to church till I was eleven, but now I’ve found my youth group, without whom I don’t know how I’d manage. My Protagonize profile says: ‘I warn you I will pray for you ALL, so be afraid’.

What is something that not many people know about you?

That I write. I know! They should know and I should tell them.

Apart from hate, fear, poverty, inequality and racism, what would you like to see changed in the world?

I would like to see greater recognition and tolerance of mental illness. Despite the massive advances we’ve made in the past century, figures are still rising and a single misjudged comment can have incalculable repercussions on all concerned for the rest of their lives. I suppose my message is THINK about the effects your actions will have on those around you. Always. As well as you are able.

If you could own and drive any car right now what would it be?

I know nothing about driving. So I will say the Bugatti Vehron because everyone else seems to love it. On second thoughts, why’d I want a ‘flash’ car? It’d only up the insurance, increase the chances of theft and make me paranoid about taking it out. Besides making me appear rich and swanky. How about a time machine? Maybe not that, either… Oh, wait, it’s not even a car.

Where don’t you fit in and are pretty happy about it?

Where don’t I fit in? I’d say parties, but in some respects I would so love, love to be at ease socially. But that would change ME, and my identity (whatever that is) grows more important every day. I don’t know. I don’t ‘fit in’ many places (though that’s improved lately), but not fitting in doesn’t usually make me happy…

Which country you haven’t visited fascinates you the most?

I’ve never felt the desire to travel, but I would if I had a good reason to. You know, I thought GCSE History was a mistake (“In today’s lesson, two million people die in the gulags. Tomorrow we’ll watch another five million killed in the civil war. Then we’ll move on to the ten million assassinated by the secret police…”—yeah, the figures are wrong), but it’s actually fired up a strange enthusiasm for Russian culture and history. And after reading Anna Karenina, how could one fail to be captivated by the country?

If you could choose anyone (dead or alive), who would you like to invite over for dinner tonight?

That’s a very easy question but only under certain circumstances. Tonight, I’d invite Pythagoras. I want to talk to him about hammers and anvils and music and maths, and tell him what he’s missed over the past centuries. Or fictional characters. But I couldn’t choose even if that were allowed.

What is your most disliked food?

Ha. This is a long list. Today I ate something extremely nasty involving chocolate and cake.

If you had a private chef what would you ask him/her to cook you on a Friday night after a long week at work?

Mashed potato, baked beans and fishfingers, the kid meal I never grew out of.


Hail Nominees! (sorry if you’ve been nominated before)

Emily Ungar

Never Wordless

Suzy Vadori



More Than Half Full

Backwards Time Machine

Randomosity Writers

The Loony Teen Writer

Andrea J Wenger: Write with Personality

And now for your questions. *rubs hands together, fly-like* Answer them or not, as you like.

  1. Do you have a creative outlet and what impact does this have on your life?
  2. Describe the atmosphere of the group of people around whom you feel most at ease.
  3. Detail one thing that’s made you happy this week.
  4. What is your greatest achievement of 2013 and where do you hope it will lead you in the future?
  5. Is honesty more important than diplomacy, in your opinion?
  6. Briefly recount something amusing you’ve heard or witnessed recently.
  7. Have you ever tried something new and gained from the experience something you didn’t anticipate?
  8. Your attitude to popular fiction, TV, music and film.
  9. What’s something you’ve always aspired to know more about?
  10. Is there anything you’ve always wanted to tell people but never found the      courage to do so? If so, make a resolution NOW who you’re going to tell, when and why. (Note: I take no responsibility if it doesn’t turn out as you hope. But live now, and one day you or someone else will be thankful you did.)


– Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them
– Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator
– Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers
– Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer
– Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them (or pingback or whatever)

And with that I leave you 🙂


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