Ninjas and Niqabs (no longer available)

(deleted due to the unhealthy amount of spam comments it was attracting)


One thought on “Ninjas and Niqabs (no longer available)

  1. Wonderful, thoughtful post. I guess, because I’ve never had the chance to dress up like a ninja/with all but eyes covered, I’ve not given that much thought about how great covering up the face is in terms of identity. As you know, I am very happy to wear something floor-length with sleeves, but I tend to keep my neck and face uncovered.
    The point about hair was interesting, too. I love my hair, but I can also see myself keeping it covered (if possible with my curls!) for the world and free for my husband alone.

    And, yes, I did know which ninja was you. It’s the eyes. Plus, no other ninja looks like you 😉 😀

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