Cover Designing Fun

Okay, I know I haven’t posted all summer but I’ve been very away, and academic reading and personal statement-ing and Gilmore Girls-ing and birthday-ing and learning-ing driving-ing and first-drafting and trying not to want to go to Cambridge too much and convincing myself this summer really is the best ever, as I decided it would be back when the weather was dandy (takes a startling amount of time and energy).

Plus I’ve just had to delete a previous post (the ninja one) due to the amount of spam comments it inexplicably attracted. Praying nobody comes to my house and bites me now…

So instead of a wordy, uninteresting ramble (I have about six unfinished ones from this month), here’s an idea for a book cover I’ve had in my head a while (yeah, my book, obvz) I did to take my mind off things.

Excuse the amateur-ness. I’m pretty impressed it remotely resembles the image in my head, because up till now I’ve scorned the idea of previewing my own unpublished book covers for the satisfaction of my own vanity. Designing it actually gave me kicks, so one more barrier of snobbery (synonymous with professionalism, in this case?) tumbles down!

Because why the heck not

Because why the heck not

And by the way, never use ‘obvz’ in a blog post (or ever, for that matter). I’m young and allowed to set a bad example.

3 thoughts on “Cover Designing Fun

  1. (Second comment, seeing as the first was lost under internet failure)
    It may be non-professional, but I love the idea here! The cards! *swoons*

  2. Sounds great! I think one of the issues I’ve been having with UNDER THE CARRINGTON is plot in terms of plotting. I’ve got ideas – ie. scenes that advance the plot, and characters that the MC meets.
    I’m just having trouble threading everything together. Part of me is asking “what is the point of this scene?”

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