WARNING: this post contains many lists of three

Brain Salad Surgery–ELP


My first year of study is complete. The past eight months of seemingly impossible proofs, all-nighters writing essays, and days rereading articles (1) about anorexia and heart damage and crying are over. Now I have a whole month without commitments (excluding partying, rehearsals and concerts (2)).

  • So what have I achieved?

Looking back over my notes, I’m struck by how much I’ve learnt. Not piddly school maths, numbers and elementary operations, guided by mark schemes. A year ago this maths would’ve looked like hieroglyphics to my green institutionalised self. Since all year I’ve been feeling a bit useless, a bit narrowly focussed and definitely underachieving (3) in areas I used to have more time for, it’s good to realise that I haven’t wasted my time. I’ve simply channelled it into my degree (well, not as much as I could’ve done).

Other than that, I’ve written a new book, contrived a First on an essay about phonosemantics in my one non-maths module, and got very involved (4) in my jazz band and brass band. I’m the new brass band librarian, and the executive team has huge plans for the band’s fifteenth birthday next year.

  • What are my plans?

Since Friday, I’ve read A LOT, practised my French, played cards, gone swing dancing, marched at Durham Pride, and cooked eggy bread. This summer I have a critique group, a menial part-time job and hopefully some time (5) with my people. I have a new book idea, which I want plotted by July, ready to draft in September at the latest. I have a roadtrip planned for August, so my wages will be going on petrol and a tent.

Perhaps there’ll be a studious post sometime soon. Perhaps not. I think I may revel in this luxurious freedom a while longer, and then do a long post about all the books I’ve read.

Thanks for bearing with me. Happy summer, everyone!

Final count: (5) powers of three


Believe it or not, I have a deep-rooted, close-on-psychotic phobia of cheese. Here’s a once-in-a-lifetime picture of me EATING CHEESE.

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