Hello! My name is Lillian. I’m eighteen and ambitious (but friendly, I promise).

Things that don’t change: I’m fractionally British, with the obligatory appreciation for Monty Python and Jane Austen. I collect brass instruments, write weird books and wear all things red.

Things that might change: I grew up on the fair (read: chronically overcast) isle of Guernsey. Now I study maths in the frosty English north, missing in no particular order Sybil Fawlty (my cat), and my francovivian (that’s not a word) musician boyfriend. For survival purposes, I have amassed an inexhaustive supply of fluffy socks. Once I have my PhD, I intend to take crash courses in as many languages as possible and travel Europe.jazzconcertjanuary2015

Stuff I blog about:
  • books
  • more books
  • writing
  • linguistics
  • Catholicism
  • prog rock
  • did I say books?

Note: this is not an exhaustive list.

Disclaimer: in the unlikely event that ten years from now I decide I never liked Jane Austen, do endeavour to forget your first impression of me. (And if you get that horrible joke I’ll love you forever.)


2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. YO. (Feel free to delete this message when you’ve read it) Did you get my reply text? I wasn’t sure if it sent, since I’m still getting used ot the nuances of le new phone.

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