In Progress


Genre: YA Contemporary

Status: first draft

Brains meet backbone when two girls vie for the last place on the school mathletics team. Veteran mathlete cash-strapped Jac wants a free trip to London to go after her dad. New girl Lucie wants a dashing extracurricular for her university application.

Vision: Explore the intersections of rivalry, romance and friendship between two girls fighting for their futures.



Genre: YA Comedic Contemporary Fantasy

Status: first draft

Vision: Don’t procrastinate because you’ll have hell to pay when you kick the bucket. Also, art is cool.



Genre: Family Saga

Status: rewriting

It’s 1937 and the Thimble family journey to the Austrian Tyrol to help eleven-year-old Delia with her rheumatoid arthritis.




Genre: YA Historical Fantasy

Status: first draft on hold while pacing issues are addressed

Duaryth Spildor’s Loyalist family gained all its wealth from his name. But when he finds himself embroiled in the Radical plot to overthrow the King, citizenship is twisted out of his hands. Duaryth’s best friend is up to the neck in it, and she’s dragging him down, too.

6 thoughts on “In Progress

  1. Oh, gosh, your two Captain’s stories sound sooo good! I wish I had the time to CP with [? I’ve never before used ‘Critique Parner’ as a verb, so obviously, I don’t know if the phrase would take a preposition] them

      • Yeah! I mean, they say little about era, but it can be assumed present day, so the pieces fit. (I certainyl can’t pick you up on this one, for having an alternate universe has played havok with my query. Calling’ Aidelle’s fiance’ ‘upper-class’ is the best I can get.)
        Indeed, it shall!

      • Mm, I don’t even know the era myself. There are telephones, but the commonest form of long-distance correspondence is letter. A time when school student sex was still shocking, and when less emphasis was placed upon young romantic relationships in general. Or else a cast full of letter-writing propriety-demanding prigs like me 😛
        (Mm, a hard thing to subtly slip into a query.)

      • Hehe, 70s or 80s, then? Maybe even as far back as early 60s. Okay…maybe not 60s…

      • Hehe, I don’t know. And so long as I don’t go into politics I’m hoping it doesn’t matter too much. If a beta reader tells me a definite setting is necessary, I’m willing to go into research-mode; currently I care not. Plenty other concerns to be getting on with 😛

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