Genre: YA Contemporary / bisexual romance

Current count: 69,000

Sixteen-year-old Dani has been crushing on the nicest guy she knows for years. Then his tennis pro little sister is accused of doping on national TV, and Dani sees a new way in: clear his sister’s name, and he’ll just have to ask her out. But it starts to go horribly wrong when the sister, not the brother, falls in love with her.

Vision: Realise, not romanticise, the teenage unrequited crush, and expose it as something difficult and detrimental, that incites desperation to justify and no real will to conquer. Explore how a real, supportive relationship can grow from this situation.



Genre: YA Contemporary

Current count: 56,000

Flavie would rather sabotage the family bakery than tell her father the smell of food makes her puke. But pouring a cup of salt in the doughnut mix won’t just sour the townsfolk and drop the family livelihood in the soup–it’ll turn her darling brother’s culinary dreams sunny side down.

Vision: Expose anorexia as a diverse condition that is deeply psychological and does not always correlate to negative body image. Nevertheless food is an inherent part of lifestyle that is impossible to ignore.


‘Drina’s story’ (untitled)

Genre: YA ‘School Story’

Current count: 75,000

Top banana Drina, seeking her mother’s approval in the wrong places, is plunged into confusion when the gossip pre-empts her stupid foray into the schoolgirl underworld of lies and blackmail.

Vision: Explore the paradox of how we will do anything to fulfil expectations, for example by doing the opposite.


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