Grill-Pans and Domestic Ukuleles

Music: David Sylvian, all daygrillpans

Revelation of the day: we have two ancient grill-pans, and even though I’ve used them every day since I could cook, I never noticed that on one the ridges run horizontally, and on the other vertically. I’d often subconsciously wondered why sometimes I can use the spatula more deftly than others. Moreover, my parents hadn’t noticed, either!

The route I take my uke.

The route I take my uke.

I’ve spent my week arranging music for SATB choir, plotting two new YAs that I’m really excited about, and walking my ukulele down to the beach for a play (that sounds like ukulele is a dog breed…). Ergo this weekend I’m snowed under with neglected schoolwork, and haven’t the time to write an original post.

I do, however, have ideas in bounty—pitching, enthusing about BASIL, how much I adore Focus, and the wonderful Portsmouth Sinfonia (don’t worry if that made no sense whatsoever). Stay tuned (my ukulele didn’t)!